THINK, animation

I want to write about animation is called THINK

I do think the main subject of this animation is “identification” and at the end of this anime I reached this conseption: the identity of each person is uniqe

In my opinion the climax of this story is that scene where the young boy explored and found out his special path with thiking

when he started to find himself all of groups in the society like religous, politic groups and melitries, pushed him to special path that they think is better for him

when one of person went through on the wall, but others couldn´t go through, the main character found just with thinking he would go through it, and found himself and colorful world

Because when we face a deadlock or huge problem, we think to come over it

I choose 5 keys words in this anime. One of the key words is “identification“, another is thinking

Others are “specific path“, “uniqe” and “alone” because all of us are alone and finally find out our path by ourselves to reach the best version of ourselves

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