The last goodbye

The weather is cold and cloudy. Woman goes to meet her dream but it is so hard to  face with her dream that like her littel child

she knows sometimes we are in the bad situation that we do not like them and we avoide of  them. In this situation she likes to go to the bed and sleeps for a long times and when she will wake up that situation over

She realizes this situation put pressure on her but promises herselfe to do it well. Although maybe destroy everythings but it is the last chance to have a goodbye

she accepts sepration from her dream forever. Her dream has recently achieved her healthy and she must go a long way to improve. so the woman hopes to meet her in the good situation and spend an wonderful time with her in the future. Altough that meet will not event. She is glad her doughter lives and takes a breath and it is enough to become glad. She cleans her tear and  smiles



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