Migration ,2023

The story of “Migration” is about facing our fears. Unfortunately we transfer our fears from one generation to the next

Some parents don´t allow their children to take risk. They transfer their fears, weak points and their ignorance to the new generation
It is so universal not only related to specific culture or country but in the developed country and new decades is less

Of course it is so hard and sometimes dangerous to get out of safe zone. When we face difficult and new situations, maybe we get hurt but we learn how to move forward, how to be creative, how to solve our problems alone, how to care ourselves and other

Traveling is one of the way to expand our perspective, experience and worldview. We could make stronger characters from ourselves

In my country, especially in the last generation, most parents chose their children´s majers based on income, social status, etc regardless of their interest because of the fear of failure. They take decision-making power of children. They wanted a safe future for their children. But they didn´t know the children to be successful when to be in the favorite ways

In the past, the society´s belief was that smart children go to mathematics and experimental siences, lazy and untalented children go to professional art! They thought if their children go to specific major, they don´t fail

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