.My name is shahla

.I was born in Kermansha

 I have spent most of my life in there

Kermanshah is in the west of Iran and has amazing mountains and beautiful views. Growing in Kermanshah had some advantages and disadvantages for me

For example it has less population and less traffic and air polution than Tehran
But facilities are less

I have lived in Tehran for 6 years. Tehran is huge and attractive city and it is capital of Iran

.I am 42 years old
There are 3 people in my family. We usually spend time together at the weekend because during the week we don´t have enough time

Our hobbies are going to outdoor, resturants, some museum and…etc

My favorite hobbies are writing poem, dance, drawing some picture, listening to music, playing some instruments like Daf and Tombac, following astronomy, psychology web, watch romantice or document movies

My favorite sports are Erobic, Yoga, volleyball

My favorite foods are Pitza, Ghorme sabsi and KHalal stew

When I´m free, I enjoy taking photo, going to cinema, chating with my best friends, surfing the internet, riding bicycle, driving car in the roads

I have a passion for reading some novels, short storys, poems

I am good at sympathy and enjoy helping pepole

I would like to be a glad women. And try to grow in the different dimention of personalities


I´m a morning person

I try to reduce the use of plastics and pay attention to  the environment

I´m prefer to live a quiet places with a view of the sea or gungle and see horizon, sunrise, sunset

I´m an optimist not pessimist or realist

 I think, the realistic persons are  more successful than the optimistic and pessimistic person

I want to write well with Kordish and English languages in the future  and  I hope to remember everything I have forgotten and I will progress in this way



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