I do think this animation,Elemental, is in praise of the dream

I choose several scenes from Elemental that I think they are more meaningful, amazing and important than other


that scene the immigrant family wanted to rent a house and they were rejected by others. They couldn´t rent any house. they find an old, ruined house to live



Ember and Wade took a photo and we saw only four eyes! At the same time it was amazing and horrible


When Ember went to Wade´s home, she was encouraged for her talent. At the Wade´s mom´s home her potential was seen. After that she watched herself in the glass of father´s home and for the first time speak about father´s desire to have a shop and she said it is father´s dream not her own. She started to reach self- knowledge step by step

She didn´t know her anger came from that issue. She hadn´t any talent to be shopkeeper


Mother´s Ember tried to prove their love wasn´t possible and Wade couldn´t light the candle. Wade made himself a magnifying glass to light the candle with Ember´s help


Ember said about childhood when her father take her to watch flowers but they were not allowed to enter. They were rejected by host society and were dealing with many problems as immigrant family. So Wade decided to take her and show flowers. Ember saw them in the dark and dangerous place that it was possible to loose her life. We know we improve when we face with our darkness and our shadows and our fears

I think that place was symbolic place in the animation

Finally she could watch the flowers like other people and she felt closer to host society and she was accepted by host community

When Wade and Ember were at the beach in the evening. We saw sunset and sea that they met. This scene was symbolic, sun was symbol of Ember and sea was symbol of Wade that they would reach together

Ember made flower in the bubble. This flower was symbol of Ember and her dream. That we have seen he was in the bubble to go and see the flowers and in the another scene when she looked the flower in the bubble, she saw herself. The flower was similar to her


She came over her fear and touched Wade´s hand and danced with him. On the other hand she cried finally


When Wade save Ember´s life and tried to keep that blue flame light, he has vaporized and he said I do not regret your love. Ember tried to come back him by speak about something that they made him emotional. We exist and find meaning by our pain and our tears.
Father´s Ember accepted their love



 Ember wanted to leaved his family and she respected her father near the ship, her father respected in return. In this scene the generation gap has reduced.


 Finally she could came over her problems, the good girl syndrome and her guilty feeling

This animation explain some points like

Self knowledge
The gap of generation

And I think there are many psychology tips for example


We have to find the root of our anger to control it, and we should not suppress it.
We consciously choose our specific path with knowing ourselves and face to our fears.

We have interesting characters in this animation

Ember was responsible, kind, powerful and serious

She changed during the storyline and she reached a sense of satisfaction

Wade was emotional, kind, dutiful. He was a good friend and we know a good friend is like a mirror. He showed the picture of all of things because he loved all of things

It´s colorful and it´s music is amazing

The meaning of “ELEMENTAL” is fundamental
From my perspective, fundamental in this animation returns to four elements.
These elenents are soil, water, air and fire that they build the world

Soil represents the solid state,
water represents the liquid state,
air represents the gaseous state,
and fire represents the plasma state

Ibn Sina claims in his book, Law in Medicine, that two heavy elements, soil and water, are the builders of body parts, and two light elements, fire and air are the builders of Bukhari´s soul

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