Citizen Kane

((Citizen Kane))

The movie started with the death of Mr. Charles Faster Kane. In continue we have found many of facts about Charles´s life

At the first of the film, we have seen and heard reports that explained then we have followed  the reporters that try to find/ investigate the meaning of Rosebud

Rosbud is the last word that Mr. kane said

So Mr. Tomson was chosen to decipher. Tomson has been reading some notes, newspapers, contract ,… and he met some key people like, Kane´s second wife, his employee, his frind, and his servant

During this research we have seen several flashback sequences of Kane´s life

At the end none of them didn´t understand the meaning of “Rosebud” but we saw the word of Rosebud wrote on his sleigh

three trues that I read about  this movie


 This movie is based on the life of three famous business men


 One of the famous singer song instead of Susan that her identification was hidden for seveal years because of her position in the art world


 The scene which kane destroy  the bedroom was filmed once and in this scene the actor´s hand was injured

I think 2 scenes of this movie are more influential and effective than others

That scene which Mr. Kane discused with his second wife, the camera was near him and higher than his wife

That scene which Mr.Kane got out the bedroom, we saw several image of him in the mirrors and increased his isolation

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